What do sustainability professionals really think of Brexit?

A recent study by IEMA, considers what sustainability professionals think of Brexit. With many recent changes to environmental policy, the uncertainty of subsidies and where next in the environmental sector may be affected by the outcome of the referendum. The study by IEMA shows 72% of sustainability professional’s think that operating within the EU will create a more stable policy landscape along with 61% thinking that leaving the EU will have a negative impact on their business.

The UK have a number of long-term climate change targets which need to be reached, 57% of the professionals used within the IEMA study believe these are more likely to be achieve if we stay in the EU, however, there was concerns raised over the additional targets made by the EU and the financial implications of not reaching them.

What is clear is that whether we chosen to remain in the EU or vote to leave, the UK will still have climate change targets to reach by 2020 to achieve its own carbon reduction goals set out in the Climate Change Act.

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12th May 2016