Milton Road Primary School

Milton Road Primary School

About the client

Milton Road Primary School, a Local Authority school in Cambridge, catering for over 400 children aged 4-11.

Drivers for the project

The school has over 400 students and has an increasing energy demand, the school also operates out of school hours providing wraparound care for children therefore the requirement for energy from 7.45am-6pm. As with most schools the budgets are decreasing and the need to reduce costs are important. The school was also keen to look at how they can reduce their emissions and incorporate environmental education for their pupils.


The new LED lighting delivers over a 60% reduction in energy costs and significantly improves the educational environment with non-flicker day light color render to eliminate headaches caused by old fluorescent and tungsten lighting. The LED fittings also greatly decrease maintenance requirements and are backed by a new for old warranty on all fittings for 5 years. The 40kWp Solar PV system delivers a significant % of the schools electricity needs each year.


The project was delivered on budget and on time thanks to the close working relationship with the team at Milton Road Primary School. The LED Lighting was installed during a Half Term ensuring no disruption to the School during Term Time. The solar PV system was installed and commissioned within a week and includes remote access to a live data portal which allows pupils and staff throughout the school to access live data on the PV system allowing the school to engage and educate pupils and staff on the benefits of their own renewable energy generation and CO2 savings being achieved. We are very pleased to confirm that the system performance exceeded the estimated KWh for the first year by 30%. CIS always ensure our savings and payback analysis included in our proposal are realistic and achievable and this is evidenced with results like this.

Project Summary






“Milton Road Primary School, after a good deal of consideration, made the decision to install Solar PV panels.  This was a big undertaking for us but the support, professionalism and attention to detail by CIS made this a very achievable project, and gave us the confidence to proceed.  The installation was completed in an efficient and timely fashion and nothing was too much trouble.  The children are now excited to see what impact we are able to make on the environment.  I would like to thank both CIS and the installation team for an excellent job, very well done”.

Carol Bretten

Finance & Personnel Manager

Milton Rd Primary School