About Us

Climate Integrated Solutions was established in 2015, bringing a successful team of professionals together experienced in providing and delivering bespoke integrated energy efficiency and renewable projects for clients.

Our specialist team works with local authorities, housing associations and a broad range of commercial businesses to improve energy performance and reduce their carbon emissions. Our mix of skills and experience offer a full range of consultancy services, design and delivery in the energy efficiency and renewable market and provide bespoke solutions that deliver client requirements and ensure market leading innovation and performance.

Our Vision:

‘Delivering energy reduction measures and renewable technologies to our clients as part of a fully integrated bespoke solution’

Our Values:

Commitment – across all of the services we offer, our team are committed to delivering the right solution or output for each client in a timely and professional manner. Clear responses and communication are key to everything we do.

Integration – underpins our focus and philosophy ensuring we fully engage on every stage of a project with clients to better understand how our works fit in with your business. Applying the same logic we bring together multi-technology solutions that are better than the sum of the parts and embed our systems and designs seamlessly into your operation.

Strategic – focus, working closely with our clients we help identify, design and deliver the best outcome for every project we undertake to help deliver their commercial or sustainability goals. Whether we are undertaking feasibility assessments or completing detailed system designs we will include detailed cost and payback analysis to allow you to make informed decisions”