The Berkeley Group unveil landmark plan to become Britain’s first carbon-positive housebuilder

The Berkeley Group has committed to becoming the first major housebuilder in Britain to become carbon positive, taking a stand against the lack of green policies. A 2 year plan to deliver a 10% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions per person has been unveiled which will involve an internal carbon tax and carbon offsetting scheme with the aim of offsetting more carbon than is produced.

Announcing the ambitious new target as part of the next phase of their long-term business strategy, Our Vision, Berkeley’s Managing Director Rob Perrins explained the thinking behind their decision:  “We are committing to becoming the UK’s first carbon positive listed housebuilder. The climate change negotiations in Paris made it very clear that business has to lead on this issue. There is a strong commercial case for making a business more lean, green and accountable. And in my opinion it’s simply the right thing to do.

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10th May 2016