IEMA report on Corporate Sustainability

A recent report by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) emphasises the central importance of sustainability professionals, and sustainable thinking in future business models.  In light of the warming climate and ever increasing stresses on the environment such as population growth and food insecurity there is a need for businesses to strive for sustainable development and to adapt from their short term thinking. This is not just a CSR responsibility but the report shows how it can be a positive improvement in their business model.

The report gives a number of examples where long term sustainable practices have been used beneficially. Marks & Spencer is one example, with a history of being committed to addressing the issues that come with palm oil production, and promoting sustainable ways to harvest it. Not only is this positive for the environment but also for the company, who will benefit from enhancing their reputation. The report also emphasises that corporate sustainability also addresses client expectation, and is useful for transforming business. Despite various barriers that can make sustainable development difficult, sustainability professionals are becoming increasing important as they can help overcome these difficulties.

If you are interested in making your business more sustainable then please get in touch. For more information on this report please see here.

22nd June 2016