Has a ‘chop and change’ approach to green policies suppressed the progress of energy efficiency and renewable technologies?

At the EDIE live conference on the 17th May it was identified that the changes to green policies were detrimental to many businesses decarbonisation plans. Within the conference, it was suggested the Government adjust its approach towards green policy to reach the UK’s broader climate goals.

With 2015 resulting in energy efficiency becoming a ‘back seat’ to other issues along with heavy reductions and cuts to subsidies we would have expected to see an insight into the future of UK’s energy policies early in 2016 however, this wasn’t the case. 2016 continues to bring uncertainty to the industry, with the government’s controversial decisions not to renew commitments to several schemes. As a result, businesses are unable and unwilling to produce an energy efficiency strategy when subsidies are un-reliant.

Lack of foresight and long-term planning has been detrimental to the heat decarbonisation programme, and the government needs to adjust its long-term approach towards policy to ensure the UK reaches its carbon targets.

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19th May 2016