Feed in Tariff to close

Still time to get your solar PV scheme installed and registered

Feed in Tariff

The Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme is scheduled to close in April 2019. The announcement comes after the government’s announcement of a new levy framework being introduced to curb costs on energy bills and provide certainty to investors.

FiTs pay people for creating their own sustainable, clean electricity, with extra payments available when they generate more than they use. Payments are index linked over the 20 year scheme period.

Schemes installed and registered will not be affected by the new control up until the date the scheme is closed down. The government predicts new levies may be reintroduced again by 2025. So if you miss this opportunity there may be no further government support for 6 years!

CIS Services

Whether you have a range of domestic properties or small to large roof mount schemes, CIS can complete a desk top commercial and technical assessment of your potential scheme, design & install your project and ensure registration for the FIT before the deadline, offering turnkey solutions to manage all elements of your project.

CIS provide:

  • Initial desk top commercial/technical assessment
  • Detailed fixed cost quotation to design supply and install your system
  • Registration of your project and liaison with DNO for your grid connection
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Extended warranties and after sales support
  • CIS also include assessment of additional grant funding opportunities and can offer project finance removing all initial capital outlay for suitable schemes.


But time is moving quickly, for your no cost initial assessment and quotation please contact CIS today

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