‘Clean Energy Revolution’ destined for London?

The New Mayor for London, Sadiq Khan has the ambition of being the ‘Greenest Mayor ever’ with an ultimate aim of London running on 100% green energy by 2050 – this is a bold statement however is has the potential to make London at the Centre of the fight against Climate Change.

Within his manifesto, Sadiq Khan includes:

  • Banning Fracking within London
  • Planting 2 million trees
  • More Electric Buses
  • Expanding the Ultra-Low Emission Zone
  • Attempt to divest the London Pension Fund Authority of its remaining investments in fossil fuels
  • Top of Green Priority – Improve London’s Air quality

Within his statement on the 6th April, Sadiq Khan explains that Green Issues are not simply ‘an add on’ but are critical in all areas including, transport systems, building of new homes and energy generation.

With air quality being of high priority on Sadiq Khan’s agenda along with strong support from the public and other stakeholders groups it will be interesting to see whether we will see a significant increase in electric cars and buses along with charging points. Within 100 days it is said that the new Mayor will hold a Clean Air Zone consultation, CIS will follow this closely and we provide updates on the outcome when this takes place.

10th May 2016