CIS supports Warm Homes Fund applications

CIS are working closely with a number of Housing Associates and Local Authorities to prepare detailed applications for Warm Home funding.

What is the Warm Homes Fund?

National Grid and Community Interest Company, Affordable Warmth Solution have launched a £150m fund. Expressions of interest for the first round of funding have already been submitted and detailed applications are due by the 8th of September.

The Warm Homes Fund is designed to support local authorities and registered social landlords to address some of the issues affecting fuel poor households by incentivising the installation of affordable heating solutions. It is envisaged that this fund will be used to supplement local strategic plans and other funds available.

The fund is split into three broad categories:

Category 1: Urban homes and communities – we anticipate this will involve new gas heating systems which provide space heating and domestic hot water.  It could also include heat network solutions.

Category 2: Rural homes and communities – some of the most severely fuel poor households are those without a mains gas connection in rural locations.  This category will therefore primarily focus on ‘non-gas’ solutions which may include air source heat pumps, oil and LPG.

Category 3: Specific energy efficient/health related solutions – this may involve national or regional programmes which bring together relevant organisations and charities to promote energy efficiency and health related programmes in relation to fuel poverty.

For the first round of bids the Warm Homes Fund Team are looking for projects which can demonstrate their ‘readiness to mobilise’ with partners and additional third party funding, where appropriate, in place.

How Can CIS support you?

If you have a suitable project and wish to apply for round 1 funding CIS can offer a range of support with preparation of your detailed application by the 8th September deadline.

Some of the ways we can support you are detailed below:

  • Assessment of outline properties put forward to prepare a detailed profile of most appropriate solution(s)
  • Development of detailed costing figures robust enough for submission
  • Development of payback analysis models with IRR and NPV for schemes.
  • Undertaking/supporting bid report writing  on behalf of the client
  • Support services to appraise bids, costs, projected performance of solutions put forward
  • Where appropriate project management  of scheme on behalf of partner with PM costs built into the bid

We are in a position to provide resources to yourselves to support the most appropriate elements above or we are happy to discuss your specific needs.

If you missed the deadline for EOI or have a project which isn’t suitable for this round of funding as it is in the early stages – get in touch and we can help you to get ready for the next round, opening in Spring 2018.

Whatever stage you are at in this process CIS can help – contact us today on 020 3828 1340 or