CIS complete Energy reduction measures at Daventry School

CIS have completed our latest project to reduce operating costs and improve the educational environment for Ashby Fields Primary School with a new LED lighting throughout the school and the installation of a 30kW solar PV system. Following a detailed site survey we have replaced all of the schools old lighting with modern LED fittings reducing energy consumption and maintenance requirements and improving lighting throughout the school.

The design and orientation of the main school building allowed us to design and install a 30kW solar PV system to maximise the production of electricity and the level of FIT revenues paid to the school. In addition we have installed simple remote access monitoring of the system to allow the school to share the renewable energy generation data throughout the school.

Our free site survey assesses all of the opportunities to save energy costs and improve the school environment with clear guidance on costs and payback. In addition we look at ways to offset the costs by accessing funding support from FIT, RHI and SALIX. The Ashby Fields project was 100% match funded by interest free SALIX funding. To find out how we can help your school, Academy or college please contact us today to discuss your project.