Are you prepared for a no gas future?

New homes to be built without gas heating from 2025. Forward looking developers, House Builders and Housing associations are preparing for the change and finding the alternatives that will work best for them. CIS, with our extensive experience in planning policy, building energy use and renewables is supporting clients to evaluate the best way forward and the benefits this change can bring with reduced energy costs, access to government incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and reduced emissions. Our latest study for a Housing Association partner has reviewed opportunities for retrofit heating and DHW for an off gas housing block. We are now engaged to review non gas heating options including renewables modelling payback analysis, lifecycle costs and future proofing housing stock.

If your organisation is looking to prepare for the move from gas there is less than 60 months to go so contact CIS today for more information and to discuss your needs.


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